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Best In The World Japan

“Best in the World”, Malaysia’s beloved food show, returns for a fifth season with popular host Razif Hashim, and an exciting new destination, Japan. A country that boasts the most three-star restaurants in the world and an array of spectacular cuisine, Japan is the ultimate food lover’s paradise. This time around, “Best in the World” travels to the Land of the Rising Sun to discover the culture, the history, and most importantly, the food of this extraordinary island nation. Join Razif Hashim once again as he eats his way through the unique and delicious food that Japan has to offer!



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Episode 1

Episode One: Tokyo

I begin my adventure right in the heart of Japan, Tokyo! A treasure chest of food and home to the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, Tokyo has something for everyone. From mouth-watering tempura to awe-inspiring sushi, I’m sure Tokyo will prove to be an incredible culinary experience!

Episode 2

Episode Two: Ishikawa and Toyama

The Hokuriku region sits in the centre of Japan, and its exceptional geographical features create a unique ecosystem. I will be introduced to thesucculent texture of the white shrimp, also known as the jewel of the sea, and the amazing taste of the king of Toyama Bay, a yellowtail that’s fitfor royalty. This will certainly be an enriching encounter.

Episode 3

Episode Three: Hokkaido

I explore the beautiful Northern island of Hokkaido, a place that holds a special place in the Japanese imagination. In addition to the romanticsense of frontier, this region is known to produce some of the freshest seafood in Japan, including the famed sea urchin. With so many specialtiesof their own, this island is truly one-of-a-kind.


Episode 4

Episode Four: Iseshima

Celebrated in ancient poems as the land of plenty, Ise Shima, is home to the spirit of Japan. I go diving with the amas, the legendary womendivers, to find that the region is blessed with wonderful produce from the sea like fresh oysters, delectable abalone, and the scrumptious Iseshrimp. Paired with the local way of cooking, it’s like a match made in heaven.

Episode 5

Episode Five: Kyoto and Nara

For over a thousand years, Kyoto was the capital of Japan, making it a rich city, in terms of culture and history. Some of Japan’s most exquisitecuisine can be found here, but while there are many great dishes, the holy grail of them all is the wagyu beef. I take a step into the past to learnabout some traditional food, and also the significance of the tea ceremony.

Episode 6

Episode Six: Kagawa and Kochi

I travel to the Shikoku, a warm southern island facing the Pacific Ocean. Comprised of four prefectures and endowed with a great climate, thistreasure island is said to be a food paradise. Besides their acclaimed seared bonito and famous udon, the region is also known for their warm,friendly, and generous locals. If the food here is as awesome as its people, what more can I ask for?

Episode 7

Episode Seven: Nagano
The mountains of Nagano form the backbone of Japan. This gorgeous prefecture’s fresh air and clear waters combine to create an environment ideal for great produce. It is here that I seek for some of the most delicious vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms known to mankind, and seek to uncover the secret of wasabi.

Episode 8

Episode Eight: Nagasaki
The coastline of Nagasaki is long and intricate, with plenty of remote islands, coves, and bays. Thanks to its bountiful natural environment, this region is a treasure chest of food from both land and sea. I’m excited to explore the many layers of history here, go out into the middle of the ocean to fish for my own meal, and eat something that is almost extinct!

Episode 9

Episode Nine: Aomori and Akita
With its breathtaking natural lakes, forests, and mountains, Akita has long been known as the land of rice and snow. Its neighbour, Aomori is also blessed with equal beauty and resources. The cuisine in this two prefectures are a mixture of traditional flavours and new tastes. Between a glorious chicken experience and the divine sandfish hotpot, I try to master a traditional musical instrument.

Episode 10

Episode Ten: Hiroshima and Yamaguchi
At the south-western most tip of the Honshu Island is the Chūgoku region. Although it is well off the beaten track, you’ll find the region full of memorable sights and experiences. And it is here that I end my Japan adventure with a flourish, visiting a floating shrine, sampling some gorgeous Hiroshima oysters, and defying death by fugu!



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